Sofia Karnukaeva, a Barcelona-based artist and architect, observes and interprets the world around her through form and material, using an intuitive method of transformation. She explores how external conditions influence the emergence of new forms.

In the shapes crafted by Sofia, one can perceive her endeavor to translate the abstract into the tangible and the intuitive into the sensory. Her tactile vessel-sculptures evoke bodily and zoomorphic forms, bearing
a resemblance to nests, beehives, or caves.


Joseph Bakstein Institute of Contemporary Art | ICA Moscow, Russia, 2022
School of Interior Design ‘DETAILS’, Moscow, Russia, 2015
Moscow Institute of Architecture | MARKHI, Moscow, Russia, 2012


Collectible design fair, ARCHITECT <=> DESIGNER section, Brussels, Belgium 2024

‘IMAGINED FREEDOM; WHISPERS OF NOSTALGIA’, Make Art Club, Barcelona, Spain 2023

‘NOTHING HAPPENS IF NOTHING HAPPENS’, Isola, Dutch design week, Eindhoven, Netherlands 2023

Cosmoscow, 3L gallery. Moscow, Russia 2023

‘Diary of a time traveler’ Peresvetov gallery, Moscow, Russia 2022

Cosmoscow, NG Gallery, Central Exhibition Hall ‘Manege’, Moscow, Russia 2021

‘Art & Craft:’ NG Gallery, Moscow, Russia 2021