'Genius loci'

"Thus modern man recognizes part of his own life in a monument and any interference with it disturbs him just as much as an intervention upon his own organism."
Alois Riegl “The Modern Cult of Monuments: Its Character and Its Origin”

In ‘the Genius loci’ project, the artist explores the influence of material objects and places on humans, their lives, fantasies, and dreams. By creating an object, humans act akin to nature: they bring together disparate elements dissolved in the world and create distinct individuals. Human creations serve as witnesses to history, retaining the atmosphere of the era in which they were created. Existing in this world, they exert influence on surrounding organisms. The environment in which we dwell consists of objects created by humans in different periods of history. We find ourselves ensnared by this environment and merge with it. An inseparable connection is formed with the captured images; through memory and dreams, they influence us.
When creating objects, Sofia Karnukaeva employs a method of form transformation based on a child's perception of a world filled with various living beings, organic and inorganic. During her training as a restoration architect, Sofia studied the monuments of pre-Mongol Rus, was influenced by their images, which subsequently incubated in her dreams and transformed into a series of objects.