The ‘Nomad’ project refers to the theme of home and adaptation.
Living organisms emerge into the world from various enclosed, chamber-like spaces like seeds, eggs, a womb, and then adapt to new habitats, new homes. The body of a living organism is inherently felt as both a vessel and a home. We intuitively retain this sensory knowledge within ourselves. Various changes, such as relocation, compel us to transform our inner and outer space, forcing to adapt in new ways. A habitat envelops us,
we are merging with it as we absorb its images and elements. It affects our imagination.

Sofia Karnukaeva uses an intuitive method to create tactile sculptures that evoke associations with both bodily and zoomorphic forms, while simultaneously resembling nests, beehives, or caves. The natural motifs transformed by the artist into sculptural forms refer to the theme of home, a safe and private space in which semi-darkness lurks or is illuminated by light.